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HOLA!!!! this is my first post

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HOLA!!!! this is my first post

Post by Guest on Sat Jan 24, 2009 11:30 pm

hi this is seqenenre...

i`m new here...after 5 yrs..i`m back again

here a re my stats...

lately i`m under attack from vampires...

Character level: Level 10
Strength: (25)
Defence: (24)
Agility: (23)
Stamina: (24)
Dexterity: (22)
Total experience (491|500)
Experience (for next level) (86|95)
Health: (325|325)

Total loot: 16,129 kgs of flesh
Victims bitten (via link): 0
Fights: 63
Victories: 54
Defeats: 9
Draws: 0
Gold gained: 488.00 Gold
Gold lost: 446.00 Gold
Damage to enemies: 4,952
Damage from enemies: 1,852

Available Items


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Re: HOLA!!!! this is my first post

Post by Samaena on Sun Jan 25, 2009 12:47 am

Hi There and welcome to the clan. We're always excited to have new members.

I moved your other three posts to the Vampires to CRUSH section where all members can look at it and post their counter attacks. We work together as a whole here, and will do what we can.

I'm sure by now Hitman, or another of the Lt's/generals in BBA has already discussed possibilities of why you could currently be a target. The first that comes to mind is if you are leaking gold. With only 9 losses and 445 gold lost you're averaging 50 gold per loss -- which can often times leave you a target. The potential to loot gld from you -looks- high.

We have a great deal of resources here as to how to protect yourself and your gold. As well, there are plenty of us around here who are more than willing to help out and offer advice where we can. All you need to do is ask! We don't bite... much. I'm sure you'll get used to our friendly nibbling and licking soon enough!


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Re: HOLA!!!! this is my first post

Post by Guest on Sun Jan 25, 2009 12:56 pm

cheers Welcome!! cheers


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Re: HOLA!!!! this is my first post

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