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Archived Clan Page News

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Archived Clan Page News

Post by Hashira on Fri Apr 04, 2008 3:22 am

Clan did not exist on Server 8 / Server 8 was not open

Clan did not exist on Server 8 / Server 8 was not open

· 03.30.2008 ~ Didn't like the bold, so went with bullets.
03.29.2008 ~ I'm going to start putting new news in bold.
03.29.2008 ~ Updated the clan page graphics, I think they fit better. I'm happy now ^_^
03.29.2008 ~ Medal Set Two (Wins 100-800) done! FYI, Medal Set One was for Admin positions.
03.25.2008 ~ We're ranked 28th/11th! Wow, great job everyone!
03.25.2008 ~ OnlyTheBest is here, and change has come!
03.25.2008 ~ I'm not satisfied with the graphics on the page so a redesign is coming soon.
03.24.2008 ~ Ranks are up, see my message for details. Blacklist area sort-of up.
03.22.2008 ~ Changed special rank names. Lieutenant is now Captain; Captain is now Lieutenant. It just makes more sense.
03.21.2008 ~ The picture above will give you an idea of how the finished dividers will look, but it's subject to change.
03.21.2008 ~ We're well over 50% closer to having graphical section dividers and medals!
03.20.2008 ~ Heeeellooo server 8! Time to step it up a notch!

04.20.2008 Lets gladly welcome Jwhisman to the clan. Also to all admins he's a friend so give him a chance.
04.15.2008 Did you know there's a U.S. Server now? I don't see a point for it, but that doesn't stop me from playing either.
04.07.2008 Temporarily removed "Avenger" from the ranks. I'm still deciding what to do with it!
04.04.2008 Everyone's signed up on the forum now, good job! Now don't forget to post your stats and update them!
04.04.2008 Accepting members of all levels, provided they meet or are close to the Clan Requirements!
04.04.2008 The forum is up! Have you registered? Don't forget it's!

05.28.2008 War has been declared on us by[VIP] Vampires In Power. As well, TECH N9NE has also joined our ranks! Welcome!
05.27.2008 Everyone take a moment to welcome M4gnum to the clan!
05.26.2008 We are proud to have Clan [-D-] Defiant™ as Allies! Please do take the time to look at their clan page.
05.24.2008 Please take a moment to welcome Nuloej to the clan!
05.22.2008 War has been declared on us by [FEAR] BloodMasters!
05.20.2008 We're more than happy to welcome another member to the clan. Please welcome Anubis!
05.18.2008 Please welcome melcore to the clan!
05.16.2008 Please welcome Pinoy_Joshii_Boii and Nevyn to the clan!
05.10.2008 Sorry it's late, but welcome CountDrakula to the clan! o_o;
05.07.2008 Recreation section updated, check it out!
05.06.2008 April news has been archived. Everyone take a moment to welcome ViT4X to the clan!

06.29.2008 Sorry for the delay, but please welcome [BB] Jeggred to the clan!
06.28.2008 Thank you to all members of our clan who fought against [HOD] HOUSE OF DeVEGA in the recent war.
06.03.2008 Now accepting level 10 and greater! To all clan members currently under level 10, don't worry...we won't kick you out! ^_~

07.25.2008 The war with [TDP] Samahan ng mga Bampirang Pinoy™ has ended. We won 293 to 58. Good job everyone.
07.17.2008 We are in a state of war with [TDP] Samahan ng mga Bampirang Pinoy™
07.15.2008 I ended the war with [~DH~] Dark Hunters. Make sure you don't attack anyone from their training clan.
07.15.2008 We are in a state of war with [~DH~] Dark Hunters.
07.08.2008 New medals ready to go! If you've earned new ones they should be in your inbox! Unless I missed someone x_x
07.07.2008 [-BBA-] Blood Brotherhood Academy is now up and running. There are still a few tweaks to be made, but it will be accepting members under level 20 to train before entering this clan!
07.01.2008 The forum is now complete! All members are reminded that they are required to use the forums at least once a week.

08.28.2008 We are in a state of war with [{IVL}] Infernal Vampires Legion!
08.17.2008 Reaper Pics. This is something we (the [LCM] Legacy of the Crescent Moon) did on the US1 server. Everyone enjoys them so much I thought, "Why not do it here too?". The only requirement to have a reaper pic is to be a member of this clan. Message me with a picture and I'll edit it/get it posted for you! This is also available for our training camp, [-BBA-] Blood Brotherhood Academy! Don't be shy now, message me today!

09.13.2008 Welcome our first true graduate from the Academy, Akariel!
09.09.2008 Updating the clan page a bit...dunmind my dust Smile
09.06.2008 The First Clan Competition has begun! Good luck to all members! Be sure to check the forum for updates on who is in the lead!
09.05.2008 Our war with [{IVL}] Infernal Vampires Legion has come to an end. We won 75-10! Good job everyone!
09.03.2008 All members are encouraged to participate in our newest Clan Competition. Premium tickets will be given away to the winners. Check your inbox for details!

10.07.2008 Removed the "War" section...there's not much point to it if MG keeps up with it for us, right?
10.07.2008 Welcome our second graduate from the Academy, fuseek!

11.24.2008 We are at war with [~V~] Ancestrals of Vlad Tepes!
11.23.2008 Omaigawd, what happened to our news?! o_o

12.29.2008 We are in a state of war with [UDD] Underworld Death Dealers! Our war with [HOD] HOUSE OF DeVEGA is still on for another week! Keep up the great job! Don't forget about the current clan competition. Premium tickets up for grabs! See the forum for more details!
12.28.2008 Our war with [-CM-] Cypress' Minions has ended. We lost 75-140. That sucks... But good job at any rate! We'll get 'em next time!
12.25.2008 Our war with [[DTH]] Death Dealers has ended. We won! 39-2. Great job!
12.20.2008 We are currently in a state of war with [-CM-] Cypress' Minions . That makes 3 wars in total we are fighting right now. All members are reminded to check the Clan Wars section for more information!
12.18.2008 Please welcome Cyria to the clan!
12.17.2008 We are at war with [[DTH]] Death Dealers!
12.16.2008 The war with [LOS] League of Shadows is over. We lost with a score of 12-55. Sad
12.15.2008 Please welcome !amywolf. to the clan.
12.14.2008 We are at war with [HOD] HOUSE OF DeVEGA!
12.13.2008 Our war with [D] The Dominion has finished. We won 47-3. The war with [=BC=] ~BLACK CROWS~ was also won with a final score of 25-1! Good job everyone!
12.09.2008 We are also now at war with [LOS] League of Shadows!
12.06.2008 We are currently at war with [D] The Dominion and [=BC=] ~BLACK CROWS~!
12.01.2008 We won the war 20-15. Good job everyone!

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Re: Archived Clan Page News

Post by Samaena on Tue Jan 27, 2009 1:53 pm


01.29.2009 Please welcome hater, tuta, [BB] Knuckles the Insane, Rocu, and JFoubz to the clan! Also, welcome [BB] SES back to the clan while you're at it! If I've missed anyone, I apologize. Let me know so I can correct it.
01.29.2009 We're accepting all levels at this time, provided you meet special conditions.
01.29.2009 Due to consequences unforseen, it saddens me to say that the Blood Brotherhood Academy is no more at this point in time. Whether that will always be the case remains to be seen.
01.27.2009 Please welcome Darkmirth to the clan!
01.26.2009 Please welcome another graduate from BBA FichWereWolf666!
01.26.2009 Please welcome our newest members TnTblow and FierceSappho to the clan.
01.26.2009 Please welcome our newest graduate, [BB]HITMAN!
01.24.2009 Please welcome Demon Crazy to the clan! Nevermind... he left us for [ALTO] A League of Their Own .
01.17.2009 Our war with [[DK]] [DK] Dragon Knights has ended. We won with a score of 126 -1. The [HOS] Harbingers Of Skulls* war is finished on January 31st. For those of you that can and are attacking, great job! For the rest of you being attacked once every 12 hours, just hang in there. *edited by
01.15.2009 Our war with [~NW~] ~ THE NIGHT WATCH ~ has come to an end. We won with a final score of 336 - 172. Great Job!
01.13.2009 nilbaksis has left the clan. blackunicorn has left the clan to join BBA until such time as his stats are up to BB requirements. Our war with [VMF] Vampires of Midnight Falls has ended in vistory with a win of 163 - 94! Great job!
01.11.2009 Please welcome Optimus Prime to the clan.
01.10.2009 Please welcome Necro Riser and nilbaksis to the clan. We are currently in a state of war with [[DK]] [DK] Dragon Knights, and [HOS] Harbingers Of Skulls. Also, we are still currently at war with [~NW~] ~ THE NIGHT WATCH ~ and [VMF] Vampires of Midnight Falls both of which we are currently winning. Let's keep up the good work!
01.08.2009 Please welcome cold clawz to the clan!
01.07.2009 Please welcome didi07 and werebloodpirate to the clan! A new war versus [~NW~] ~ THE NIGHT WATCH ~ . All members please refer to the War Section on the clan page to check our list of current wars!
01.06.2009 Please welcome Reeper to the clan!
01.05.2009 Please welcome blackunicorn , Mire , Llewellyn , Guru Nanak , and Cika to the clan! Our war with [UDD] Underworld Death Dealers has come to an end. We won 58 - 33! Great job! We are on a state of war with [VMF] Vampires of Midnight Falls ! Our war with [HOD] HOUSE OF DeVEGA has come to an end. We won 155 - 103!
01.04.2009 We're proud to welcome yet another Academy Grad Scorpio to the clan! As well, please welcome S3rp3nt1n3_S13uth to the clan!
01.02.2009 Everyone welcome our newest grad, Xavienne! Also welcome our newest member, [Power-Of-Metal] Melodic Claws!
01.02.2009 *twitch*


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